We Buy Vintage!

Don't know what to do with your grandmother's old prom dress? Is your great-grandfather's top hat taking up too much space in your closet? If so, Bygones may be able to help you!

We buy men's and women's clothing, jewelry and accessories dating from the 1800s to 1976. Unsure of the date? That's OK! Our knowledgeable staff can help pinpoint the era of your items.

For your convenience, there is a parking deck located directly behind our store on S. Colonial Ave. For customers bringing large or heavy collections, please feel free to give our doorbell a ring at the back door and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Whether you are cleaning out your closet or an entire estate, no collection is too big or too small! Give us a call today and let Bygones help you find a loving home for your vintage treasures.

Here are a few items we are continually buying:
  • Men's vintage casual and dress clothing, ties and accessories (no shoes, please)
  • Vintage bowling shirts
  • Vintage denim
  • Men's vintage workwear (HBT, coveralls, etc.)
  • Men's and women's clothing with metal zippers or side snaps.
  • Women's vintage cocktail dresses
  • Women's vintage day dresses
  • Vintage estate jewelry (gold, platinum, diamonds, etc.)
  • Pre-1950s women's costume jewelry including rhinestone pieces, early plastics, Bakelite, lockets, rings.
  • Pre-1950s men's jewelry including cuff links, tie clips, rings.
  • 1960s/1970s men's and women's hippie and psychedelic clothing
  • 1920s clothing, jewelry and cloche hats
  • Pre-1950s men's and women's hats

Clothing does not need to be cleaned or pressed before bringing it to us. We will take care of that! 

** We do not buy out-of-season items, linens, antiques, shoes or post-1930s wedding dresses. **