Here are some of our most frequently asked question. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.

Q. Do you have a brick-and-mortar shop?
A. Yes. We are located in Richmond, Virginia next to the historic Byrd Theatre in the heart of Carytown. Please visit our About Us page for directions and store hours.

Q. What does "Vintage" mean?   
A. The term "Vintage"  in relation to our shop describes items made in the 1970s or earlier. The majority of these items have been worn before, though occasionally, we may come across "dead-stock" items that were not previously worn, but are still over 45 years old. These items are one of a kind and are graded by condition with any flaws noted and sold "as-is."

Q. What does "Reproduction" mean?
A. Reproduction items have the look and style of vintage pieces but are newly made. They may come in a range of sizes and colors and multiples may be purchased, whereas vintage items are one of a kind.

Q. Do you pin your items to the mannequin? 
A. Yes, at times when an item is larger than the mannequin, we may pin it to better show the garments details. Always check the measurements for size. They may differ from the perception given by the photos.

Q. I love an item on your site, but don't see my size. What can I do?
A. If the item is a reproduction, it is possible that we can order it for you in your size. Just contact us and we will quickly let you know. If the item is vintage, it is likely one of a kind, but we may be able to contact you in the future should a similar item come through the shop!

Q. Where do you get all of these things?
A. Our reproduction items are sourced from a wide variety of companies and are carefully curated to bring you the best today has to offer in fashions of yesteryear. Our vintage items are bought from the public in our brick-and-mortar shop. We have been buying and selling vintage clothing and accessories since 1979, and have built a reputation for being fair on both ends of these transactions. Many collectors come to us again and again with their treasures. Occasionally, we will travel to estate sales to find pieces, but generally, they walk right in through our front door.

Q. I have a number of vintage dresses I'd like to get rid of. Will you buy them?
A. Our knowledgeable buyers are available by appointment on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please refer to our Buying Policy to see the types of items we purchase.

Q. I'm a local photographer/filmmaker/artist, can I borrow your clothing for my upcoming project?
A. Due to the fragile nature of many of our items, we do not lend clothing to individuals. 

Q. Are the vintage items cleaned?
A. We always launder or dry clean our vintage clothing prior to sale. Vintage jewelry is cleaned as well, but we often leave it with a vintage patina that many collectors desire. It may take 10 minutes to take off a vintage patina, but it can take 50 years to put it back. If you would like a piece of vintage jewelry polished to a higher shine, please contact us, but keep this fact in mind.

Q. How are vintage items sized?
A. We measure all of our garments while lying flat and then double the measurement.

Q. Do you have layaway?
A. We do not offer layaway for online items at this time. However, we do offer it for items in our brick-and-mortar location. 

Q. How did the Bygones Vintage get started?
A. Maynee Cayton started Bygones back in 1979 with her mother Barbara. She had been wearing and collecting vintage for years, and decided to open a shop for like-minded individuals on Grace Street by the VCU campus. Her gamble paid off as Richmond's artist community embraced her aesthetic. In 1986, the store moved to the eclectic Carytown district, and has been growing ever since.