Vintage 1940s Sterling Roman Chariot Scene Sardonyx Shell Cameo Ring

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You'll feel like you brought your own personal art gallery with you when you slip on this museum-worthy cameo ring.

Originating in Alexandria, Egypt in 300 BC, cameos have been used throughout the years as status symbols, charms of desire, and teaching tools. They were coveted, collected and popularized by the likes of Napoleon, Queen Victoria and Pope Paul II. One look at this ring and it's easy to see why cameos garner so much adoration.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans in the highly sought after sardonyx shell, this miniature work of art features a white, marble-like carving of a Roman chariot scene set against a rich, warm brown background.

Shell is set in sterling silver and lined with gold vermeil rope detailing. Since the shell is naturally forming, it is irregular in shape. The setting has been created around the odd-shaped shell and therefore is not a flat. See photos for details.


Shell: 5/8" x 5/8"

Size: 5.75

Marked: 925

Condition: Very Good
Silver has light surface scratches consistent with age. Cameo has a small crack in the bottom left corner and a tiny chip in the bottom right corner. Both are only visible under a magnified loupe. Does not detract. Priced accordingly.