Amazing Vintage Late 1930s/Early 1940s Novelty Tropical Print Feedsack Cotton Peplum Blouse

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This easily may be the BEST feedsack blouse we have ever seen!

Fashioned out of an authentic cotton feed sack, the fabric has more of a stiff hand (since it's made of an industrial purposed cotton) and not a soft broken in feel. Blouse is collarless with a very structural peplum and interesting asymmetrical button details.

Blouse fastens up the front with two buttons and a snap.

Pairs well with jean, slacks or a skirt. 

Garment Measurements

Bust: 38"
Shoulders: 15"
Waist: 32"
Total Length: 24"

Label: None

Condition: Very Good
Blouse has a small 3/4" rust colored stain under the bottom button as well as a 1/2" dark stain on the left peplum. There is the faintest yellowing under the arms. Fortunately, the pattern is so busy these flaws are barely noticeable.  There is a stitch line near the left armhole where the original maker made a mistake when making the piece, but given the nature of feed sack they are still visible.  None of these flaws detract from the amazingness of this piece. Priced accordingly.