Vintage 1930s Italian Micromosaic Necklace with Three Drops

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The term micromosaic was coined by a wealthy 20th-century collector named Sir Arthur Gilbert in reference to Roman mosaics composed of little glass bricks known as tesserae.

Packed with 1,500 to 5,000 pieces per square inch, this type of miniature mosaic was sold as souvenirs to Victorian ladies in the early and mid-19th century to commemorate their travels to Rome. 

While the art form is still practiced in Rome today, the newer micromosiacs are much larger, less detailed and not as well made. 

Though hard to date, we believe this necklace to be from the 1930s based on the design, size of the mosaics and quality. 

Necklace is set in brass and fastens with a push-down box clasp. 


Pendant Width: 1"
Pendant Length with Drop: 2.25"

Necklace Chain: 18"

Marked: Made in Italy

Condition: Very Good
Pendant has some patina and faint verdigris, which is mostly noticeable when inspecting it with a loupe. There also is missing green tesserae in the main pendant piece. There is a matching green tesserae underneath where the top one should be, so when worn it is not noticeable that it is missing. It's only noticeable with a loupe. None of these flaws detract. Priced accordingly.