Antique Victorian R.F. Simmons & Co Gold FIlled Ladies Slide Chain Necklace with Pearl Clover Slide

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Originally designed to hold a lady's watch, locket or lorgnette, Victorian slide chains are once again a must-have for every jewelry box!

Perfect for showcasing your favorite pendants, charms, talismans or lockets, these extra long necklaces are extremely versatile and can be wrapped and worn in a variety of ways!

Maejean Vintage has some great styling tips and ideas in her blog here.

This beautiful necklace features an extra long 14k gold filled chain adorned with a diamond shaped slide accented with 3 petite pearls in an engraved clover. It has a large safety clasp at the end to attach your own special piece.


Chain Length: 24.5"

Marked: RFS & Co 1/10 (for 1/10 14k gold filled)

Condition: Very Good
Chain is in excellent condition. There are a few small tarnish spots on the slide, mainly on the sides and the back. Not overly noticeable. Does not detract. Priced accordingly.