Antique Victorian Pyrite and Jet Necklace

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Many people categorize Victorian jet jewelry as mourning jewelry, and that is often not the case. While it is true that jet -- especially the matte variety -- was used in a number of Victorian mourning jewelry pieces, it also was considered quite trendy and fashionable for the time.

This dazzling necklace is a prime example of just how à la mode jet can be!

Comprised of hand carved wheel shaped jet beads with sparkling pyrite centers, each bead is wire wrapped and connected to the next. A larger, wire wrapped pendant dangles from the center.

Pyrite was often used as a substitute for diamonds and adored for its ability to sparkle in low light.

Wearing pyrite (aka fool's gold) is thought to be good for your physical and mental health. It is also believed to help stabilize your mood and promote positive thinking.

Jet beads are attached to a 12k gold filled chain that fastens with a spring ring.


Necklace Length: 18"

Pendant Drop: 1"

Markings: 1/20 12k GF

Condition: Good
Jet and pyrite are both fragile in nature and both tend to crack and chip easily. A number of the jet pieces are chipped, cracked or have dings and all of them have surface scratches. This is very common with jet jewelry. A few of the pyrite pieces also are chipped (See photos). None of the pieces are cracked all the way through and the necklace itself is structurally sound and wearable. But we do recommend wearing it with care given the delicate nature of jet in general. Priced accordingly.