Antique 1900s Art Nouveau Heart Shaped Repoussé Lady's Portrait Brooch

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We always say, "If this jewelry could talk...." Well, this one can!

This beautiful heart-shaped brooch tells the story of a secret courtship and romance in repoussé. Fashioned in a silver colored metal and layered with a top coat of sterling silver, this striking piece features the raised profile of a gorgeous Edwardian lady coming out of the center of a pansy.

In the Victorian era, the pansy flower was used to communicate affection between two lovers who were secretly courting (since any outward display of love or passion was frowned upon in those times).

This sweet brooch would make a lovely gift for your secret or not-so-secret love.

Brooch fastens with a C clasp.


Width: 1 1/16"
Height: 1 1/16"

Marked: Sterling Top

Condition: Very Good
The heart is slightly misshaped and bent on the right bottom edge. (See last photo) Looking at it straight on you would not notice the bend and it lays correctly when worn. It also looks like a little bit of the detail has worn off on the edge of the right side. There is so much detail on this brooch it is hardly noticeable. Priced accordingly.