Vintage Salvador Dali for Schiaparelli Designed Telephone Dial Compact

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Talk about a rare treat! A true collector's piece for any Dali, Schiaparelli or surrealist fans!

During the 1930s, the dynamic duo of Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli were known for taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary! 

From shoe hats to lobster dresses, this powerhouse collaboration altered the course of art and fashion in the 20th century. 

In 1935, Dali designed the first telephone compact for Schiaparelli. It was their first collaboration together. The design was so popular that it was copied and produced again in the 1950s. This piece we believe is from the 1950s remake. 

This compact is made of gilt metal and black enamel with stenciled rotary numbers. It has a blank metal plate in the center of the dial for engraving your initials or phone number. 

It has an interior mirror and powder screen. The original powder puff is missing.

The same compact is in the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. 



Across: 3.5"
Height: 1/2"

Markings: None

Condition: Good
Compact has light surface scratches on the enamel. The scratches are more obvious on the metal plate. Metal is tarnished and heavily worn on the sides and the bottom. The interior mirror is foggy. This compact was used and loved but it still has a lot of life left! Priced accordingly.