Antique Victorian Scottish Agate Carved Puffy Witch's Heart Necklace

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Although agate jewelry has been produced in Scotland for centuries, it was Queen Victoria's adoration for all things Scotland, that thrust this distinctive jewelry into the spotlight.

Following the purchase of Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Queen Victoria -- the consummate trend setter -- made Scottish dress and jewelry fashionable among the masses. It remained popular until the Queen's death in 1901.

This heart is just a touch more special and symbolic because it is known as a witch's heart. Initially worn to protect loved ones from evil spirits in Medieval times, by the 18th century lovers gifted one another with witch's hearts as a symbol that they have been bewitched with love. Defined by the tail of the heart that twists in one direction (usually the right), witch's hearts were quite popular in Scotland.

If you look closely at this pendant, you will notice that the two sides near the bottom are not symmetrical. The right side curves in making the bottom of the heart point to the right. Unfortunately, the tip of this piece was chipped off at some point in its life, so the curve is a little more subtle, but the sentiment and symbolism still lives on.

This great piece is mounted with rolled gold hardware and comes attached to a silk grosgrain ribbon watch necklace with wonderful gold plated buckle details and dog clip.


Heart Width: 1.5"
Heart Height: 1.5"

Necklace Length: 35"

Marked: None

Condition: Good
As mentioned above, the tip of the heart has chipped off and is slightly rough. There is some blue discoloration to the mortar used to attach the hardware at the top of the heart. The plating is starting to come off some of the buckles on the ribbon - mostly on the back. None of these flaws overly detract. Priced accordingly.